Spring Essentials

March 30, 2016

Spring Essentials

Fight back against the elements this spring with the Panache Spring Essentials.
Training in the spring months lends itself to all kinds of complications. Wet roads, changing forecasts, and differing elevations all provide opportunities for spring to get the best of the everyday rider.

The Panache Thermal Jersey is a necessary part of every rider’s wardrobe when cold weather rides are in the forecast.
Designed with a high loft fleece interior, this fleece has a graduated gauge that traps warm air and pushes moisture outward from the core, keeping riders warm and comfortable. Our Thermal Cycling Jersey is not just any thermal jersey; it is purposely engineered to keep the rider warm, allowing rider’s to ride comfortably in cold weather.

For those who haven’t tried thermal bibs, we can’t recommend them enough.
Often overlooked as a necessary part of a cyclist’s wardrobe, we use a specific fleece on the inside fabric. This fleece has a graduated gauge that traps warm air as moisture is transferred outward from the core, keeping riders warm and comfortable.
The Panache Thermal Bib Short is not just any thermal bib short; it is purposely engineered to keep the rider warm in cold conditions. Built on our Team Issue chassis – Wear with knee warmers, leg warmers, or alone and you’ll be well equipped to ride year round.

The Panache Wind Vest is, perhaps, the most versatile and necessary piece in our arsenal.
We use a lightweight, pliable 3-layer fabric with a wind shielding, breathable membrane on the front of our vests. Also used is a stretch fabric on the side panels so that the vest compresses on your body, virtually eliminating any flapping fabric. On the back of the vest, we use a breathable, stretch fabric so that you don’t overheat. We also engineer our vests with 3 rear pockets.
Year round, this piece provides incredible comfort and versatility for all riding conditions. Packable, warm, and breathable this vest meets and exceeds all riding standards.

A great set of Thermal Warmers is hard to find, but we have you covered.
Our advanced fabric, Roubaix Plus, stretches amply while also providing enough compression to keep them from wandering down the extremity. A slim, long fit ensures that all of our warmers fit true to form, providing warmth and next to skin comfort. This combined with digitally printed logos, overlock stitches, and a tagless label provides comfort and crisp looks. A no crack, gripper paint silicone finishes all of our warmers, further helping them remaining in position.

The Panache Head Warmer works great from 60 degrees and lower depending on your local climatology and personal thermometer.
The laser cut bottom edge is one layer throughout, allowing the helmet and Head Warmer to work seamlessly together keeping your forehead indent free.
Similarly, the Panache DuraGlove is thin enough to ride at your maximum effort and still give you dexterity to fiddle around in your jersey for food while also thick enough to keep frostbite off your fingers on frosty mountain descents.

The Panache Baselayer helps regulate moisture, keeping your core comfortable and well regulated throughout your ride experience.
Our advanced knit structure touches the body in a circular pattern, creating an air pocket next to skin. This micro air pocket allows humid air to move outward more efficiently. The end result is an all-around more comfortable ride.

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