Reiley Pankratz, Elite Racer - Panache Cyclewear Co.

April 20, 2016

 1. As a Panache brand ambassador, Team Manager, and avid racer, tell us a little about how you came to into the sport of cycling and got involved in so many disciplines.

I got involved in cycling when I joined the cycling club as a freshman at Arizona State University. I was initially just looking for an active way to meet people in my new home but, once I got involved, I was hooked. I remember waking up super early every morning of my first semester to go on all the group rides in the area. I feel so lucky that I found cycling because, as cliche as it sounds, it really has opened so many doors and opportunities for me. It is the best feeling to wake up everyday knowing that you get to spend a majority of your time doing something you love! Although I mostly ride road I have been dabbling in mountain and gravel riding as well. Its always fun to mix things up. 

2. The racing season begins a little earlier down in AZ. Tell us a little about how the season has been going so far?

Our season has started out really strong! I founded our team Canyon Elite (which may or may not be named after my dog) over the last year and this is our first official season as a domestic elite team. I don’t want to brag (too much) but we have been dominating the early local race season in AZ which has been a huge confidence boost for us as a brand new women’s team. We are currently getting ready for our bigger races beginning with Joe Martin Stage Race in April. After that we will be racing a pretty full national calendar primarily focused on criteriums. 

Roses in the desert? Panache is making the impossible, possible….

3. Give us a little insight as to how you balance life, work, and training while also finding time to manage your new team?

I try to live by the belief that no matter how busy you are you always have time for the things, people, and activities you care most about. I try to stay focused on the things that I am most passionate about and everything else has kind of fallen into place around them. It gets busy working, racing, and managing our team but when you love what you are doing it always seems worth the extra work and stress. I’m also a morning person and like to wake up really early and get going with the day (always with some good coffee) so that helps too.

4. If you didn’t ride bikes, what would you do to fill that time instead? 

I don’t even know! Just kidding, I do. I have spent some time thinking about it on some really difficult rides. Does anyone else do that? I would still spend most of my time outside. I would go backpacking/camping with my dog, get back into rock climbing and go visit my twin sister who is currently living in China. I also love road trips so I would definitely be taking off on a few of those. Although I can’t remember the last road trip I went on without a bike…Oh and I would sleep in. 

5. A lot of wise, successful cyclists live by a specific mantra… Do you have any wisdom to impart to us? 

I’m not sure if I have a mantra but I definitely have some guidelines I try to live by. Lately my biggest one has been “build it”. I always try to look at situations and how I could improve them for myself and for others. This is the attitude and mindset I used when building my team. What I wanted didn’t exist in my area. I decided that instead of using energy to complain about this I could work to change it and create something new. I think the most successful people are always the ones who are willing to take initiative for themselves. Also, your life is a lot better when you spend most of it smiling!

6. We’ve heard a lot of rumors about your dog, Canyon. Is it true? Is he really the cutest dog on the planet? 

Everything you have heard is true. He really is the cutest dog on the planet, and also arguably one of the most mischievous. I wasn’t planning on getting a puppy but I saw his polka dot paws and it was love at first sight. I’m lucky that I’m a pretty energetic person because a two year old Australian shepherd has more energy than even I can handle sometimes. He’s currently in trail dog training. It’s funny because since he’s a herding dog he gets frustrated if his pack doesn’t stay together on the trails!  I have to say he also looks pretty cute sitting out at races in a bandana that matches our team kits. Style dog. 

Canyon cuteness overload… Complete with full stripe fiesta!

7. We know there has been quite a lot of contention over the growth of women’s racing the past few years. What is your take on the challenges to growing women’s racing?

There are definitely a lot of challenges that come into play when working to grow women’s cycling but I think that the biggest one is us and our attitudes, especially towards each other.  It often seems like we are our greatest limiting factor. The biggest thing that women can do for women’s racing is just get out there and enjoy riding and hopefully eventually racing their bikes. Even though the sport obviously has a competitive nature we need to be building each other up and remember that we are all really working towards the same goals. I know that when I show up to a group ride or race and there is another woman there with a smile on her face it gets me even more excited to be a part of this community. I always hope that I am sharing that positivity towards others as well. If we make cycling and racing a positive and uplifting environment people will want to be involved. It seems pretty simple to me. 

8. If you could go out to lunch with any fictional character, who would that be? 

That is a tough one! I love eating so definitely someone who is interested in a big lunch. 

9. Do you know any sweet tricks? 

I’m learning some! I just moved to Sedona, Arizona which is one of the biggest mountain bike destinations in the US! Although I’m definitely more of a roadie I promised myself I have to stay here until I know some sweet mountain bike tricks! I will keep you guys updated. 

10. What’s one thing you never ride without?

Socks that match my kit! The socks make the kit, right? Also, if I’m riding alone I’m a big podcast/audiobook person so you will usually catch me with headphones.  Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time on the bike that I need to be learning something new while I’m out there. If you haven’t tried this I would definitely recommend it for those long solo rides! 

Reiley ain't lyin' - Matching is important.
Reiley ain’t lyin’ – Matching is important. Pictured: Dot socks, Handwarmer Gloves, Neckwarmer, and Panache

11. Lastly, tell us about a few of your goals for the 2016 season…

My primary goal for the 2016 season was to get our team to domestic elite status to give us the opportunity to race bigger races with more competitive fields. Now that we have accomplished that goal all the fun can really begin! I am definitely a crit person and I I thrive on a technical course so that is what I am focusing on right now. I’m really looking forward to Tulsa Tough in June. I also have the opportunity to race the Red Hook fixed gear criterium series starting in New York in April so I’m pretty excited about that too! 

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