The Evolution of Speed

April 27, 2016

The Evolution of Speed

We've heard it time and time again. It came down to a bike throw, the width of a tire, the last lap, the final push…

This concept has never been more apparent than in this year’s Paris-Roubaix. A 260 kilometer slog, through the narrow, winding roads of northern France, Paris-Roubaix nearly always comes down to the final moments. This year's Hell of the North was decided by the length of a bicycle. In everyday terms... about four feet.

4 feet!

How do you account for four feet over a race lasting, nearly, six hours? The elusive variable in all of the above situations can be boiled down to one thing: Speed. Whether chasing it down mountain passes, through criterium corners, or trying our best to produce it on steep grades, we are participating in this quest for speed.

We, here at Panache, believe in the quest for speed. So much so, that we've developed a new collection of jerseys and bibs, designed for the speed seekers.


New for 2016, we have truly outdone ourselves. The perfect merger between racing and training, the Speed line takes elements from some of our best products. The comfort, versatility, and durability of our Bullet line. The form fit, tech, and ingenuity of our V-Lab. Speed incorporates some of our most innovative design elements. Speed has evolved. It evolves every day. Training, equipment, nutrition, and team tactics all contribute to this. It is a never ending journey to better tune, understand, and transform each controllable.

The Speed line is the result of this evolution.

Starting with a new approach to the construction and make up of the jersey, the Speed Jersey incorporates a set-in sleeve. This, different from the traditional raglan sleeve, allows for a higher mobility while maintaining an unmatched level of comfort. The Speed sleeve stays put through the varying conditions encountered while out racing and training. A new, hyper mobile, fabric on the sleeve panel ensures uniform air flow around the upper arm, while also providing a soft surface to minimize chafing. The sleeve is then finished with our light and agile gripper band.

The sleeve fabric is also added in the form of a new panel behind the neck. This mobile fabric reduces fabric bunching while in the riding position, allowing your jersey to fit seamlessly with your body as you change your riding position.

A shorter torso takes functionality from our V-Lab and Bullet collections, allowing riders to experience less zipper bunching when in the riding position. The gripper band finishes the bottom of the torso, ensuring maximum comfort and eliminating jersey flap. Both the jersey and bibs incorporate internal stitching, ensuring uniform air flow around every panel.

All in all, the Speed line stays true to its namesake. Built for speed and comfort in every situation, this is our most advanced and thoughtfully engineered line yet. We have always prided ourselves on performance pieces here at Panache. The Speed Line is the next step in this evolution.


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