Photo Essay - ButterGold 2016

May 04, 2016

Photo Essay - ButterGold 2016

The 4th annual ButterGold presented by Panache hit the dirt roads north of Boulder this past weekend. With 97.7 miles on tap, riders awoke to snow and frigid temperatures. Loading up the cars for the drive out to the Butter farm was surely accompanied by reservations and thoughts of giving up. A few hit the snooze button, but the lucky ones braved the elements...




"I love events like this. There's a great deal of humor when we realize we paid money (that goes to a great cause) to ride through slop that has our bikes caked in mud and our toes nearly frozen.  It's mayhem - wind and snow in our dirt covered faces while riding through mud roads that seemingly have no 'good lines.'  Have I mentioned I enjoy this?" - Amanda Knutson // RAAM



"It was a long and hard day in the saddle... Heavy, drivetrain-destroying mud. Quite miserable if you were riding alone." - Dan Farrell // Giddy-Up Films



"Support on the ride is outstanding. Having the follow car with drop bags gives you a bit of extra motivation/hope. The thought of warm gloves and a fresh hat plus some food will keep you going through that deep mud." - Brett Richard // Handlebar Mustache


"The buttergold really captures the true definition of what it means to be a cyclist and should occupy a top slot on every cyclist’s bucket list.  To be clear it is not a race, it is about people coming together and bonding over their love of cycling and how much joy, just being on the bike brings them." - Becky Baitzy // Morgan Stanley


"Misery and suffering love good company" - Brett Richard // Handlebar Mustache

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