Katie Compton | Cross Vegas

September 29, 2016

Katie Compton | Cross Vegas

Interbike, Day 1, was unexpectedly tame. The conditions, traditionally pushing 90 degrees, verged on chilly as overcast skies and a strong breeze chilled the race course. The show, itself, was mellow according to most exhibitors...

Looking over the Cross Vegas bowl, clouds crept over the mountains, constantly threatening, but never delivering. Katie Compton, clad in her new Panache Bullet Skinsuit, however, carried a light hearted smile, perfectly shielding her desire to win. She was calm, cool, collected, until the race began. 

Katie rode to a strong 3rd place finish at her first World Cup appearance of the season. She rode the front, dictated the pace, and put her competitors on the back foot. We've all seen how strong Katie has been this season. Here are a few images of what you haven't seen.


Although Katie is currently clad in Stars and Bars as 12 time National Champion, we proudly displayed her personal design at our Interbike booth.

The Cross Vegas bowl was constantly threatened by dark clouds over the Western mountains. Although the weather never materialized, the race brought plenty of excitement.

Katie was all smiles as the race approached. Surrounded by adoring fans and eager sponsors, she entertained both right down to the final call to the start line. 

Even 12 time National Champions catch their knee on a pedal from time to time!

Katie's 2015 - 2016 race bike proudly displayed her National Champion colors. She made sure to add another notch to the graphic on the fork in Asheville last January. 

Mark Legg, Katie's Husband and Mechanic, was available at all times as they fine tuned equipment to the new course's needs. 

Champions leading champions. KFC and Jeremy Powers take a look at the Cross Vegas course together. Photo: Kevin Batchelor

The Queen of Cross surveys her Kingdom.

No stranger to the front row, Katie was all smiles as she caught up with the rest of her competition. 

A special edition sweat band, requested by Katie was available for all who stopped by her warm up area! Photo: Kevin Batchelor

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