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What makes The Panache Pro Air a great cycling jersey?

 The Panache Pro Air Jersey, available in short sleeve and long sleeves, is our most popular jersey. It has that feel about it that makes you want to put it...

 The Panache Pro Air Jersey, available in short sleeve and long sleeves, is our most popular jersey. It has that feel about it that makes you want to put it on and Ride. It wicks sweat amazingly well, feels great to the touch, and fits sublimely. Our modern + classic designs enhance the experience by inspiring your ride.

Panache Pro Air Jersey

Let's talk fabrics! The Panache Pro Air Jersey starts with fabrics specifically engineered to be soft and comfortable while wicking sweat and keeping you comfortable on the ride. The main body fabric has micropores that allow air through while also allowing the moisture to escape quickly. A dry body is a comfortable one. The fabric on the sleeves is an advanced one. It looks like and acts like a mesh, but the knit structure keep the actual mesh holes very small so that there is still material that is between you and the sun. Both fabrics have all-way stretch. This makes the jersey fit extremely well. In addition to these two fabrics, the Pro Air uses a bottom rear gripper band that holds the jersey in place both on and off the bike.

All these fabrics are stitched together using a special stitch that makes the garment smooth, comfortable, and durable. It is a stitch that doubles over on itself in a looping fashion. This gives it stretch and durability, something that is very important with cycling garments. In addition, the rear pockets are reinforced with bar tacks to give them even more strength. This is important when stuffing pockets with nutrition, tools, phones, etc. 

There are several engineering details to the Pro Air that often go overlooked. The binding used on the rear pockets for example, is cut so that its length is slightly shorter than the length of the pattern piece. This creates “gathering”. Gathering helps close the pockets a little so that items are less likely to fall out.

Another detail that is sweet is the water repellant fabric used on the  inner pocket money/key pocket.

This keeps your cash from getting sweaty, an important thing when presenting money to the cashier at your mid ride cafe stop! 

The Pro Air Jersey is a very functional cycling jersey. The zipper is a full length zipper that can be adjusted (opened/closed) to allow ventilation. It has a zipper head that locks in the down position and slides in the up position. When in the up position, you can simply use one finger to pull the jersey which then opens the zipper.

You don’t need two hands to do so! The pockets on the Pro Air Jersey are also functional. They are placed lower on the back than most performance jerseys.

This allows you to reach your stuff while riding without needing to be a gymnast. 

The fit of the Pro Air is what really sets it apart. It is patterned with a slight curve so that it snugs in while in the riding position. This, together with the all way stretch fabrics, make the Pro Air fit like a glove as they say. The patterning and the fabrics keep the jersey in place allowing full mobility without the jersey moving around. Whether you're in the drops or riding no hands, the jersey goes with you.

And of course design. We create sweet designs for all our kit including the Pro Air Jersey. It is our goal to inspire your Ride. That is, we create cool kit that inspires people to pedal their bike(s)! 

There you have it. The Panache Pro Air Jersey, it's not just a jersey, it's an experience. Check them out! #RollWithPanache

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