No Kid Hungry

The Big Wheel Collection by Michael Friedberg, Founder, Yellowbelly.

This kit is all about letting the good times roll.  Before you rode a bike, before training wheels there was the big wheel.  You took your first pedal strokes on it, over cooked your first corner on it & fell in love with speed on it.  This kit pays homage to how fun it is to pedal.  Bikes are the fountain of youth & this kit brings you back to that. Re-connect to how simple & awesome it is to rip around on a machine that you power.  The background is a simple, clean throwback to the type of shirt your mom would have dressed you in for a school picture so you know you’ll look good.

Not all kids are as fortunate as we were.  One in six kids, IN THE US, is not getting enough to eat.  That is completely unacceptable!  That is why a lot of chefs/restauranteurs & I have teamed up with Chefs Cycle to raise money for No Kid Hungry.  We use our passion for cycling to raise money & awareness for childhood hunger.  

Every dollar we raise feeds 10 meals to a kid in need!  We are donating 100% of the proceeds to No Kid Hungry to help ensure that every child in this country gets the nutrition they need to realize their full potential.  Please consider buying this awesome kit.  Not only will you look fresh to death & connect to how awesome bikes & childhood are but you will also be helping children across the US!  
Michael is a stencil artist.  He cuts each stencil by hand with a razorblade & spray paints his images on clothing.  Michael does a line of handbags under the name Idiom Sweat shop.  They were featured in Marie Claire magazine among others.
Michael is a pretty cool dude himself.  He is a World Cup skier, turned artist, turned entrepreneur, turned chicken king of Colorado.  I like riding & racing bikes. If you are ever in Colorado be sure to checkout Yellow Belly Chicken.