HIGHWAY ONE - Guest Artist Series

WELCOME to this PRE-ORDER ONLY Guest Artists Series! Orders will be taken until February 10th. Orders will ship mid March.

This Guest Artist Series is the product of a few friends planning to ride the west coast as a Just-Get-There-And-See-What-Happens Ride, something we all can appreciate - and should do. Thus, we bring you, A Bogusky and Bovine joint effort. 

Bogusky: Recovering Ad guy who finds balance on two wheels and investing in startups. Under Alex's helm, Crispin Porter + Bogusky became the world's most awarded advertising agency, best known for ad campaigns including Volkswagen's crash-test dummy drivers, and Burger King's rubber chicken. Alex was once named Adweek's Creative Director of the Decade. 

Angry Bovine: AngryBovine is a multi-disciplinary creative studio headed by Jay Ferracane based in Boulder, Colorado that makes businesses, better businesses through design thinking and doing. Jay's motto: ROAM - start moving, find the good stuff. GRAZE - eat it up and chew thoroughly. EXPEL - get it out. deliver visible proof.

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