Our Story

Panache Cyclewear Brand


Panache was founded on the belief that cycling is more than an activity; it is a way of life. A way of life that reveals truths and gives one a better understanding of self and time through both the internal and external challenge that cycling provides. We pursue this belief by passionately fusing style and innovation in a way that respects, but also redefines apparel, accessories, and service - and thus, enhances our quest for cycling nirvana.


Create product that inspires;  Help riders explore and push their limits; and, Innovate the cycling experience.


Panache is rooted in race. Panache founder, Don Powell, raced professional in Europe for the Belgian based, Saxon / Selle Italia Professional Cycling Team in the early nineties. It was in the frigid, rain-swollen, gutters in the Flanders region of Belgium that Powell first began thinking that there was a better way to stay warm and go fast, while remaining unencumbered by the solutions.

Powell, taking many of these ideas and concepts (meticulously documented in his diary from the time), started Panache in 2010 with the goal of continually going beyond what exists to allow cyclists to go faster, look better, and be comfortable without compromise.

To this day, Panache continues to innovate the riding experience.