We make kit design that inspires The Ride.


Not all rides are racers, but if they do de/evolve to that, we make kit that goes fast!


We make exceptional, beautiful, performance apparel for riders who ride beyond... The bend. The comfort zone. The finish line...

We make Small Batch Collections

Our Special way of launching product: we don't offer one Spring/Summer Collection and one Fall/Winter Collection like most, instead we offer several Small Batch Collections throughout the year. This is both fun for us and you (we love to design) and helps you be able to look unique in the peloton!

OUR MISSION: Make exceptional apparel that inspires people to ride beyond...


from the Blog...

What makes The Panache Pro Air a great cycling jersey?

 The Panache Pro Air Jersey, available in short sleeve and long sleeves, is our most popular jersey. It has that feel about it that makes you want to put it...

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A Breathing Story - One Cyclist's Journey to Breathing Better

For most cyclists breathing is a natural thing. No thinking involved. Just breathe. But for me, breathing is not a subconscious thing. I have to think about it. I somehow...

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Cargo Pocket Bibs for Gravel are Brilliant!

It's all about the pockets these days. A gravel ride requires a lot of space for stuff for two reasons: 1. gravel rides by definition happen on surfaces that increase the possibility...

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Long Sleeve Jerseys for Hot Weather Riding is a Thing!

Trends we see:  The rise of the long sleeve jersey for hot weather riding is a thing. It makes sense. Sleeves block more sun than no sleeves.  The benefit of...

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