Environmental Impact

Our internal mission is to continually seek to minimize our impact on the environment. 

Currently, we have biodegradable product bags. In addition, our mailers (for 90% of our shipments - the mailers we use for 2-5 items - are made from 100% recycled material and can be composted. 

For our products, we work with fabric suppliers who are also working to minimize our impact on the environment. Currently, approximately 70% of our fabrics and trims are Bluesign. Our goal is to reach 100% by 2022.

We love our planet and are constantly working to minimize our impact on the landscape. We are proud to produce all our apparel with environmentally friendly materials. Learn more about the way our fabrics and chamois are held to these standards by clicking the linked text below or the in the Bluesign image as well.

In the list of the qualifications of the most environmentally-friendly companies, the certificate issued by Bluesign System is noteworthy.

This standard, developed specifically for the textile industry, is based on a concept that differs from a normal quality certification and covers different aspects of the production of sustainable fabrics.

The Swiss organization not only certifies the finished product but also provides audit work on the entire production process starting from raw materials. An analysis based on five specific criteria: resource productivity, consumer safety, water use, air emissions, health and safety at work.

Each of these components is analyzed for its environmental impact, resulting in an overall assessment that may also include suggestions and recommendations for alternative procedures to reduce the environmental impact.

This is a meticulous and demanding process that can make the textile company become a Bluesign certified “System Partner” on one or more products or product categories, as a guarantee of a production with a low environmental impact.