Panache Lunch Rides

We host two fabulous Lunch Rides during the week that depart from Panache HQ in Boulder, CO. All are welcome (men and women), so if you can skip out for an hour or two please join us. Sign up for the lunch ride mailing list below and we'll keep you in the loop on the route and equipment recommendations for each ride. 

Tuesday Rowdy Ride: 12:30 every Tuesday. On this ride we explore the dirt roads of Boulder with an occasional single and double track thrown in for good measure. Ride pace is moderate and no-drop. Cross/Gravel bikes recommended. MTBs will work, road bikes - not so much. 

Thursday Throwdown: 12:30 every Thursday. A "spirited" or "spicy" group road ride with 1-2 short 'Game On' sections (from 5-10 minutes long) where we get the heart rate up to HC (Beyond Category). We regroup after every throwdown section and return to HQ as a group...often shelled. If it's hot, we serve up popsicles at the conclusion back at Panache HQ. Yum. Popsicles.