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The Magic that is the Thermal Bib Short

The Thermal Bib as a staple piece in the core cyclist's wardrobe - Magic, a MUST! SHOP WOMEN  SHOP MEN There is one piece of kit that every cyclist should...

The Thermal Bib as a staple piece in the core cyclist's wardrobe - Magic, a MUST!



There is one piece of kit that every cyclist should have: a thermal bib short. The thermal bib short is a staple for professionals who live in parts where the temps dip below 60F (more on the exact temperature range later), but it’s amazing how few non-pros have this magical garment. Instead, riders go outside in frigid temps in their everyday bib shorts, which although great in the warm, provide very little protection from the the cold. 

One of the reasons people don’t add the magical thermal bib to their kit pile is that they don’t know they exist. Well, now you do. The second reason is that you can’t easily see that your fave pro is actually wearing them - and thus, we can’t emulate what we can’t see. BUT, they do. They’re even racing in them. They look like regular bibs, but on the inside the layer against the skin is a fleece fabric. This fleece allows air pockets. These air pockets are warmed by your body which in turn keeps you: warmer. Magic.

Dry, cold places: below 55.What’s the temperature range on these magical bibs, you ask? There is no black and white answer to that. This depends on you and your own temperature gauge and it is very dependent on some subtleties of the weather. It’s not just about the temperature. The humidity level plays a huge part. Here in Colorado, it is dry; very dry, with humidity levels below 25%, often. Thus, even on a sunny day in the 50s many are still in shorts. But, you have that temp in, say, Portland, Oregon (where I lived once upon a time) where humidity levels are higher, that 50 degrees can feel frigid. Thus, the exact temperature that Thermal bibs are good for varies. But, let’s just give it a range, to make this easy:

Wet, cold places: below 65

Something also to know: not all thermal bib shorts are created the same. There are two types: One uses the inexpensive nylon fleece, sold under the name SuperRoubiax®. Nylon loves water and so it soaks up and holds on to your sweat, thus creating a nasty, clammie climate inside your bibs. Clammie equals humid equals wet equals a cold and unhappy rider. You want the type of fleece that is wicking (polyester). At Panache, our bibs use the - more expensive - wicking fleece. The difference is huge. Additionally, the nylon face (outside threads) that we use (remember, I just said Nylon is like a sponge and loves water) sucks the moisture out of the wicking fleece and away from the body. The end result is a drier, warmer thermal bib AND thus, a warmer, happier rider!

Hopefully, this helps make your decision to get some Thermal Bibs an obvious choice! And, if you've read this far, you deserve some love. Use code THERMALLOVE at checkout for a 20% savings on a pair of PANACHE Thermal Bib Shorts*.

Panache Thermal Bib Short highlights:

  • Brushed Fleece fabric on inside that helps trap body warmth
  • Tight weave face (outside of fabric) that helps block wind
  • Protection above navel for core warmth
  • Silicone Gripper Ink that helps grip skin or warmers
  • Panache’s Cytech Stretch Endurance Chamois Pad

Thanks for reading!


*While 2019/2020 Winter Supplies last.


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